Hey! I Wrote This Software

PACEE - Project Analysis for Capital Equipment Expenditures - Version 1

This was my first serious effort in Clarion and was written in Clarion 2.1. It justifies purchasing productive machinery by computing net present values for costs, saving, etc. It was voted by AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology) as the best software in its category.

RGS - Racetrack Graphics Software - Version 3.2

This software produces graphics on TV for Horse Racing wagering information. It uses Chyron Codi's to produce fantastic but economical graphics. It was written in CDD 3.009 and uses ClaCom. One program monitors the Tote VAX Computer data feed using ITSP, Am-Tote DMF, United Tote TV or Auto-tote SDL. Another program reads the tote database and runs the Codi sending it pages per a script you define. It is really easy to run and costs tens of thousands less that the competition.

Another program in this family is called CG and it does cut in graphics to show horse and race data in the paddock and post parade. It was written in CW 1.5. This is also super easy to operate and much simpler than using a dedicated Character Graphics Generator.

You can see this software in action by looking at the simulcast TV feed from a growing list of tracks: Arlington, Hawthorne, Sportsman's, Maywood, Balmoral, Keeneland, Beulah, Fairgrounds, Tampa, Pompano, Saratoga, Hazel, Evangeline, Fonner.

Click Here to Show Examples of RGS and CG Screens

RI - Race Info - Version 1.0

Race info runs a race information TV channel showing changes and results for up to 10 simulcast race racks. Most people that see it say WOW! It was written in CW 1.5 and uses a PC-Codi for output. It runs on a single PC and all data is entered. In the future a hook to Tote to get prices will be added.

For more information on RGS, CG and RI contact Racetrack Graphics Systems at 888-408-7033. This software is running at Arlington, Sportsman's and Hawthorne so if you get that signal check it out.

LRR - Laser Ready Races

Laser Ready Race is actually a BBS where OTB's and Tracks can download PostScript race pages for outputting on a laser printer. This is normally done for producing simulcast race programs. The software is mostly Clarion CDD, the BBS is TBBS. One part of the App is a CDD program that converts a typesetter language to postscript. This single months work has probably saved $100,000 per year. What used to take the typesetter 25 minutes takes a P600 + Good laser < 20 seconds. The postscript files are very small and fast to print. For more info contact Jerry at Printing Specialties 847-255-8483. For info on licensing the PS Typesetter e-mail me.

CW Assistant

This utility is your programming assistant and helps you get more done in Clarion with fewer errors. CWA Info.

Clarion Source Search

This is my favorite utility. Your source is the knowledge base of your application and CSS is the Clahoo of that KB. Fast and easy to use. CSS Info.

Horse Racing Programs

This website sells PDF horse racing programs. My Clarion App generates all of the Postscript, manages the PDF process and the SQL database that drives the site. I did not write the ASP pages but specified how they should work and have done much of the debugging on them. This is sort of the modern version of the TBBS program above except this sells to the public. The TBBS site has been duplicated as a CWIC app and is private.   www.HorseRacingPrograms.com

Best Case Software

I did not originally write this app but I am doing a lot of work on the next version. This is a top notch Clarion App that processes Bankruptcies for attorneys. I really enjoy working on it. If your going bankrupt why not use a Clarion App see BestCase on the web.