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The screen shot above shows CWA in action. In the top left is the Message Maker. To the right are a dictionary files list for the ClubMgr dictionary and file views for States and Committees. On the bottom left is code CWA can generate from a file view. On the bottom right is a Map.



Message Maker

Dictionary and File Viewer

MAP Viewer

String Builder

Keycode Finder

Window Keys Analysis

Template Equates Expression Builder

Color Finder

Equates Browse


ERROR Helper

Code Library

Help Viewer

Template Registrar

Stick Note



"One of the most difficult tasks in modern RAD environments is keeping track of all of the myriad bits and pieces of information which are needed to be truly productive. CWA gives me instant access to an incredible set of helpful and practical tools which complement the raw power of CW in every way." Tom Habenstreit

"CWA contains numerous utilities and displays of information that were handy to my development efforts right when I first started using it, and have gradually become indispensable for me. I highly recommend it!" George Hale (Team TopSpeed)"

"CWA provides all of the little conveniences you didn't know you needed. I didn't know I needed an assistant until I installed CWA. Now I can't do without it. CWA is like on-line help that actually does some work. Since installing CWA I haven't cursed CW's embed editor even once. That may be a record. A clipboard is only a clipboard, but a clipboard with CWA is a godsend. I wish I'd thought of it." Nik Johnson (Team TopSpeed)

"I type better than most, but nothing beats not typing at all. CW Assistant types my code for me, saves me time and doesn't make any errors." Steven Parker

"CWA is full of gems - it greatly reduces reaching for the manual" Brian Staff (Team TopSpeed)

"CWA is a great Desk and Project Reference tool. Don't work in EMBEDs without it!" Greg Bailey (Team TopSpeed)

"It is definitely worth a look" Clarion Windows Journal 1/97

"CWA is the one tool (besides my coffee cup) that I use every day." David Blundell

"I'm a registered user of CW Assistant, but I don't have my registration code, since my machine just got wiped out and I had to replace everything. Could you please send me my code? I'm lost without CW Assistant. Thanks!" Don Childers

486 PC, 4 MB RAM, 3MB Disk, Windows 9x/NT
Other Software:
Requires Clarion for Windows 2.0, C4, C5, C55 or newer


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Download the CWA Software Page. Until registered it runs with limitations so you can try before you buy.

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