Favorite Software

Clarion Developer for Windows and DOS

There is no other development environment I would rather use. NONE! This tool has a very complete environment and a language that is a masterpiece. Its real jewel are the templates that generate tons of standard bug free code. I can get the job done fast and be done with it. The ideal tool for an independant developer. A tool that would crush backlogs in an IS department. www.softvelocity.com

Compile Manager and Clarion Class Browser

These Gordon Smith utilites are very useful and work very well. Compile manager will compile all of your DLL's while you do other work. The Class Browse will let you explore the ABC classes structure and source code. (I actually now use my CSS utility for browsing the ABC files.) After trying these you'll know why TopSpeed hired Gordon. Download them from http://ireland.iol.ie/~schmoo/


I like this all-in-one help file composer. I do all of my help with it. It reminds me of Clarion, it's all in there. Too bad it is not being sold anymore.


This is my editor for everything but when in the Clarion IDE. Is has more featurers then anyone can name and costs about $40. Its very fast and very stable. www.ultraedit.com

Beyond Compare

A Windows file compare ultility. This has many features and is stable and fast. Very useful for comparing Clarion releases and the template and library source.At the end of everyweek I burn a CD of my source code. At the start of everyweek I compare the source changes made during the last week using this program. It refreshes my memory as to everything that was done the prior week and finds a few bugs. www.scootersoftware.com

Sub Systems

Subhash makes royalty-free developer products. I have used his RTF Editor (TE) and Spell Checker and find them quite good. www.subsystems.com.

Sys Internals

They really know the internals of Windows and provide many free utilities. For the developer the Debug Viewer utility can be used to view DebugOutputString() calls you place in your code. This is much better than embedding messages. www.sysinternals.com

PC Magazine

Two free utilities from PC Mag are must haves. Icon Editor 32 lets you edit icons and has enough features. Icon Jack 32 lets you extract icons from EXEs and DLLs. Also lets you view large groups and make your own saved libraries. I'm sure there are some $15 utilities that do more, e.g. extract an icon from an EXE, change it and put it back. www.pcmag.com