CarlBase Utility

Download CarlBase version 0.8 300k

Unzip the above file and you'll get Carlbase.exe. Put this in it's own directory or in your application install directory.

This utility will make it a breeze to set the base addresses for your DLLs. There is some crude help with the program. For the most information see my series of Clarion Mag articles on Optimizing DLL Loading.

The below screen shot shows an example of CarlBase displaying base info for the DLLTutor example App.

carlbase1.gif (43300 bytes)


When you press the "Make Rebase Files" button the below screen screen appears and lets you configure the way you want your DLLs spread out. Then a press of one of the three buttons (Rebase.INI, RebaseMe.Bat, BindMe.Bat) will generate the desired file in the text box. Copy the text, open a notepad, paste and save it.

carlbase2.gif (9609 bytes)


One other good use of CarlBase is to explore the addresses used by others. You can point it at a directory and see all of the addresses. (OCXs have addresses too.) The below screen shot shows my C5\Bin directory and the Clarion DLLs.

carlbase3.gif (21799 bytes)


If you have even a few DLLs then you have a lot of code and it's easy to spend a lot of time hunting for where you put something like a procedure or where you used a variable. This is exactly why I created another one of my utilities Clarion Source Search. Most users say "I don't know how I ever lived without it!" You can read a Review of Clarion Source Search at Clarion Magazine (Free Membership Required).