Application Programming Experience

Manufacturing, Distribution and General Accounting

Programming for many manufacturers using a Wang CS minicomputer turnkey package called MMS. I have a Certification in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) from APICS that covers Master Planning, Capacity Planning, MRP, Just-in-time, etc..

Finance, Leasing, Financial Planning

Programming for two leasing firms covering the leasing of small equipment. One system was a 50 user Wang VS for a publicly traded company named Trans Leasing. The other was a division of Down Jones. I also modify LifeFocus personal financial planning software for Ernst and Young clients to handle their retirement and benefit plans. Created PACEE to do capital budgeting. Also now doing programming of bankruptcy software which can involve a lot of finance.


Programming of car hire accounting, leasing and repair bill auditing and tracking.

Horse Racing

Programming for the printing of the official race programs and television stuff. I am also an Adobe PostScript developer.

Industry Experience

I have worked with clients in the following industries: Installations and programming in the following industries: Heating Elements, Metal Fabrication, Plastics Molding, Industrial Gauges, Industrial Batteries, Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Radio Coils, Commercial Popcorn Poppers, Military Parts, Construction, Video Games, Gears, Food Production, Railroads, Anesthesiology, Automotive, Printing, Horse Racing, Leasing, Television and Wood Machinery.