Favorite Movies & TV

You're not going to find Friends or 3rd Rock From the Sun Here. I like documentry TV. You also won't find obvious movies, everybody knows Jurasic Park was good.

Connections 1, 2 & 3, Innovation - The Learning Channel

These shows are written and hosted by James Burke. He's a brit and he's very good at writing and hosting tech shows. If you like hearing David Bayliss talk you'll like this show. Although it's not as funny as DAB.

Cinema Paradisio

This is an Italian made move about a boy growing up in Italy around WW II time. A big part of the story is the boys love of the movies (starting with silient) and his relationship with the projectist at the local movie house. Don't bother with the dubbed version, it just does not convey the feelings, read the subtitles. The camera work is superb. Siskel and Ebert love it. Artsy but worth it and the lady's should love it too.