Favorite Hardware

and some not so favorites

Dell Computers

I have had a Dell Latitude Notebook XPi 90 MHz and love it. It's a nice high quality machine. Dealing with Dell is a pleasure. They answer phone which is nice. They advertise a nice warranty and service policy. I have had an XPS 166 desktop and love that too. I'll be buying more Dell's. Dell as a company is really going for the business market and they know how to support it. You don't see no family systems in there ads.

Gateway Computer Problems

After owning two Gateways over the last five years I am done with Gateway. The first got flaky after 3 years. The newest, a P5-100XL, is only 18 months old and has been nothing but problems. Gateway is very hard to get on the phone and they never want to send a tech out. I needed a mother board and a drive replaced. I asked for a tech but they said no it was easy. I think they are really shooting more for the uneducated consumer market. They advertise a lot on TV. I think they will go the way of Packard-Bell producing the cheapest possible problem prone computers that the masses will buy.

more to come...last updated 4/28/98